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I really enjoy baking, especially cakes and buns and chocolatey stuff… most things really. I don’t do it that often anymore, unfortunately, but when a birthday is coming up, I spend hours in the kitchen and it’s fun. It’s great baking for others, but when you’re alone and baking there is a risk (…) you will eat it all yourself, right? I was happy to start making single serve recipes which are great if you just want to bake and you’re alone and you feel like something chocolatey for example (Single Serve Microwave Brownie)? Hopefully I will find more of these soon.

Anyway, after spending a year in Australia I got interested in animal rights and therefore vegan cooking and baking. I got to meet people passionate about making a change for the animals, and got to meet animals that had been saved from a fate that the meat or dairy industry would have meant for them. It’s inspiring and satisfying feeling that you do what you can to make a change. I’m at this point a vegetarian, sometimes pescetarian. But I think it’s more important to do what you feel is right, rather than judge yourself if you’re not perfect all the time. Times are changing and there’s more alternatives and options out there if you want to start eating less meaty and dairy stuff.

When it comes to baking, it is actually not that difficult to substitute eggs and dairy.. there’s so many alternatives these days, so many kinds of milk and clever ideas for how to substitute eggs. I am yet to make things like marengues and things like that which are typically very egg-y, but look forward to the challenge!

(The recipes are written in Swedish (because I’m a Swede) and English.. I hope you are able to follow them).

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Photos from a visit to Edgar’s Mission.

Yes, pigs love belly rubs!

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